Our clients grew by 3x the average

last year alone.

(Source – Grant Thornton)

You want to grow your sales and improve your margins?

You haven’t found a Marketing Agency that can deliver what you want?

That’s because you hired traditional marketing agencies. They couldn’t generate growth because the traditional agency model is finished.

Cognition is a new kind of agency.

We use research, evidence and data to make integrated marketing decisions that deliver outstanding growth for our clients.

Our Route to Growth process has been developed over 17 years. It is tried, tested and proven to deliver sustainable growth in multiple sectors. Using all elements of the marketing mix, including Digital, Social, PR, Content and Creative, our methods are robust, transparent and accountable.

In the last year alone, Cognition clients who used our Route to Growth grew three times more than the average for their sector (Source: Grant Thornton).

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Imagine if you’ve just lost £122 billion…

Believe it or not, it’s a mistake many SMEs are making. Research has revealed that the average SME is only achieving 39% of its planned marketing activity. What’s more, one in five businesses say they have a marketing plan, but most only implement it on an ad hoc basis (35%). This type of approach to marketing is having a major impact, with SMEs losing £122 billion in lost sales each year because they refuse to invest in marketing.

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