With 200 specialists in five countries, DXG solves any digital marketing and technology problem anywhere in the world, better and faster than any other agency.

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For medium to large privately owned businesses, public sector organisations and global corporations, the ability to deliver marketing at scale is essential. DXG was set up to provide this service.

There is not a problem in marketing, sales and technology that we cannot solve. We understand that any digital transformation project has to deal with the technical and human aspects of the problem and we excel in both. If you want results, wherever you are in the world, get in touch.

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Our strategic approach to digital transformation means we increase margins, reduce operating costs and drive efficiencies at every organisational level. There are four components to the DXG approach: Technology, Strategy, Branding and HubSpot. While clients can deploy any of the solutions independently of the others, they work to greatest effect when they are integrated. 

In every geographical region, DXG has experts in every service area we deliver.

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Why Cog-psychology


We have unmatched expertise in the application of cognitive science and psychological research.

Why Cog-science

Scientific Board 

Meet the psychologists, data scientists and neuroscientists that make up our unique Scientific Board. 

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Our story 

Founded in 1998, the story of Cognition is as remarkable as it is unusual.