Our story

Founded in 1998, the story of Cognition is as remarkable as it is unusual.


Breaking new ground

In 1998, there was not a single agency in the UK using cognitive and behavioural psychology to deliver better marketing and sales outcomes. That’s until Cognition was founded. From the outset we covered all traditional marketing areas but we took a highly consultative approach. And it worked.


A growing force

As the demand for our services increased from privately owned businesses and global corporations, we recruited the brightest minds in the industry to build on our success. We gained wide recognition for our expertise and Dr. Peter Hughes was engaged as a consultant and presenter for BBC programmes on the structure and psychology of superbrands.

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A new world of digital transformation

Marketing, sales and psychology are only as effective as the CRM and tech stack used to deliver them. Again, we were ahead of the market. One of the earliest UK adopters of HubSpot, we embraced automation and business intelligence. As founder members of the DXG, Cognition is now one of the world leaders in harnessing technology and data science to deliver exceptional marketing outcomes.

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We change the way organisations think, feel and act through a proprietary blend of marketing, sales, technology and psychology.