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5 trade secrets that will improve your email marketing

by Tim Witcherley on May 07, 2014

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways small businesses can build relationships and grow.

76% of marketers use email more today than they did three years ago (HubSpot). This is hardly surprising, given the fact that email provides the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales.

What’s more, it’s incredibly cost effective, with an ROI of around 4,300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association.


So, what’s the secret to getting your messages opened, read and shared with others? Here’s 5 trade tips to help you out:

  1. Segment your database – the last thing people want is to have their time wasted by information they’re not interested in. It’s worth taking the time to segment your database and send relevant, targeted information to groups of people
  1. Carefully consider your subject line – the most common mistake people make is to spend time on the email itself, but throw in a last-minute subject line however, if no one opens your email it doesn’t matter what it says. Entice your recipient in the same way you would with an advertising headline
  1. Reward your readers – once people have opened your email give them a reason to engage with you. How do you do this? By giving them something in return, such as a useful tip or link to a relevant guide or ebook
  1. Communicate the benefits – as much as it’s the reason why you’re contacting your customers, don’t sell your product. Instead, focus on the benefits that can be gained by working with you.

  2. Time your messages – getting the timing right is crucial to your success. Saturday has the highest click-through rate at over 9%; 6am attracts the highest click-through rate of any hour, and most unsubscriptions take place on Tuesdays



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