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Back to the Future Day: Future marketing predictions

by Sarah Groves on October 21, 2015
Future marketing predictions

Great Scott! It’s only Back to the Future Day! It’s the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future 2, back in 1989.

Who would have thought 26 years would fly by so quickly? We couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass us by here at Cognition, so we’ve decided to mark with a quick spot of futuristic thinking.

We’ve cast our minds forward to the future to predict what we think the marketing of the future will bring in the next 26 years. Read on for some of our predictions:

  • Uber personalised websites - websites will be personalised to the point that our computers will use our iris to know who we are, how we’re feeling, what we want, and deliver dynamic content based on exactly that
  • Highly intuitive search engines – all online searches will be voice activated and intuitive to the point that they instinctively know what we’re really looking for, not just want we think we want, which takes personalisation to a whole new level
  • Thought marketing – following on from the personalisation theme, all advertising, be it billboards you see at the train station, TV adverts or bus banners, will automatically tailor themselves to our thoughts
  • Mind-controlled technology for instance, we’ll be able to choose which TV channel we want to watch by using your brainpower. A prototype for this technology is currently being tested. You can find out how it’s developing here.
  • Connected everything - from homes to cars, wearable technology to devices, everything will be inextricably interconnected, with technology becoming a core fabric of marketing itself
  • Tweeting greenery – we’ll be able to get our plants to create and Tweets for us!!! Ok, so, maybe this one might not come off, but just imagine if it did…..

What do you think marketing will look like in the future? Let us know, email us at

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Sarah Groves

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