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A day in the life of a Cognition account manager

by Sarah Chaytor on September 16, 2014

I’ve been at Cognition for just over a year, and I can honestly say that no two days are the same.

While there are certain tasks I carry out on a regular basis, one of the things I love most about my role is its unpredictability. It keeps every day interesting and challenging.

I work on targeted, tailored marketing plans


What really differentiates us from other marketing agencies – and one of the reasons I love working at Cognition – is that we don’t just create campaigns.

We believe in researching our clients’ customers and finding out why they buy their products and services. We use this information to develop a strategy aimed at specific audience personas for each segment of the client’s target market.

We’re then able to construct a brand platform covering the client’s visual identity, proposition, values, key messages and tone of voice.

The next step is to develop an ongoing strategy: a detailed plan of how we’ll meet the client’s objectives in the coming months, including planning any collateral such as a website. The end result is a robust and evidence-based marketing plan.

We refer to this whole process as developing a client’s Route to Growth.

While I’m responsible for leading this process for my clients, achieving their goals and objectives is something that involves all of the wider team at Cognition: PR, content, digital and creative.

Keeping clients up to date is crucial

Clear communication is central to our brand, and is crucial to the way we work.

I’m in touch with my clients every day, to keep them up to speed with how projects are progressing. We also have weekly catch-ups calls, as well as monthly client meetings, to discuss objectives and the marketing plan for the coming months.

One regular and incredibly important job the whole company has is keeping accurate timesheets. These reports allow us to manage the teams internally to ensure we’re always on budget. They also break down the details of how much time we’ve spent on particular projects, so we’re able to be totally transparent with all of our clients.

I’m currently developing a website for a new client

It’s an exciting and busy time for one of my newer clients. We’ve just completed our Route to Growth plan and – following a rebrand and approval on key messages and brand values – we’re in the process of developing their new website.

This involves planning the structure with a site map and wireframes, coordinating the design and content, and getting it all signed off by the client ready for launch next month. Then it’s all about creating a buzz around the launch with social media and blogging.

There’s quite a bit of going backwards and forwards to make sure you get all of the details exactly right. But watching a new site that you’ve created go live is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

Once that happens my focus will turn to maintaining the momentum and utilising other channels to give that client real standout and return on investment.

It’s been an exciting year for one of my largest clients

One of my largest clients is packaging giant RAP. They’ve had an incredibly busy year, with a huge number of new product launches, and have expanded to such an extent that they now supply food packaging for every major supermarket chain in the UK.

They’re pushing into the US and Australasia and have just been shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards, which is hugely exciting. They’re also exhibiting at lunch!, an industry food-to-go show, later this month. I’ve been working on invitations, advertising and collateral for the event.

At the moment a substantial amount of my time each day is spent keeping on top of their various projects as their business sees huge growth.

I really enjoy collaborating with the wider Cognition team

An important daily task of mine is drafting briefs for the creative, PR, digital and content teams. Taking the time to ensure briefs contain as much detail as possible means the team are able to get it right first time. I’ll always talk through the details of the brief with whoever’s carrying out the work, to eliminate the chances of any misinterpretation and chat over any questions.

We have a weekly creative team meeting to discuss all of our current projects and decide what takes priority. I also have regular meetings with the rest of the marketing team.

It’s great to brainstorm and share ideas across the business. We all benefit from each other’s expertise and ensure the right processes are in place to continue to work efficiently.

One of our core values is flexibility. So I’m around all day every day to do whatever’s needed for the team, be it answering the phones or devising a marketing strategy. Oh yes, and I squeeze half an hour in for lunch some days, too!


Want to know more about working at Cognition? Check out our infographic Cognition Recruitment: We only want the best to find out what we look for when recruiting.


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Sarah Chaytor

This post was written by Sarah Chaytor

BioQualities Sarah Chaytor Marketing Project Manager As Marketing Project Manager, Sarah works with the marketing team to deliver a number of client strategies effectively across various disciplines, including content, inbound marketing, social media, PR and digital.