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Graphic design: What businesses need to know

by Julie Kilburn on January 02, 2013


Graphic design is vital in business; you may not realise it, but it's everywhere.

When a company starts out, graphic design can make or break its success.

Design acts as the visual essence of the company. It's often the first thing people see and goes a long way toward establishing the valued first impression.

A badly-advised or amateur looking logo can even halt a potential customer's relationship with the company before it's even begun. How many times have you been looking for a product or service and skipped one completely simply because of its logo? It's intuitive; if we don't have confidence in the logo then we instantly decide the product or service will be low quality.

Equally important is the complete visual 'language' of the company. This consists of your stationery, website, brochures, building and products. Whether it's through the use of colour scheme, a certain font or layout / look and feel of the design, these are elements we come to associate with a company. Once these recognisable elements are constructed, your branding will work far more effectively because customers already recognise certain design aspects and attribute them to you. The most successful brands in the world can be recognised by a simple shape or colour, completely removed from any kind of name or message.

Traditionally the main role of graphic design in business is brand presentation. It's all about presenting a message to the customer in the most effective and appealing way possible. To make a brand stand out, resonate with customers and cut through in an often crowded marketplace is challenging but getting it right can make all the difference to a business's bottom line.

This leads to another factor of vital importance; competitive values. Some design visuals are better than others, and this alone has led to an entire advertising industry. Each business wants to, and needs to, look more credible than the competition. Every once in a while, even the most successful companies go through a re-brand which shows the importance of continual competition in the marketplace.

Creating a compelling advantage and communicating it through effective graphic design in both the online and offline arenas will make all the difference to any business and is essential to those starting out and trying to gain traction. Established businesses will benefit from continuous innovation and 'self-attack' in order to keep competitive strategy at the core of their brand and remain vital in the market place.

How does branding build a foundation for growth?

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Julie Kilburn

This post was written by Julie Kilburn

Julie has more than 16 years experience of designing printed and digital collateral and has extensive knowledge Adobe Creative Suite. She has worked with clients in a range of sectors including arts, environment, healthcare, industry, technology, government and sport.

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