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Does your marketing agency talk about measurement? If not, why?

by Lindsey Witcherley on August 16, 2015
Marketing has rapidly evolved over the years, putting many traditional agencies in the spotlight. But while many agencies may be fantastic at what they do, are they really providing you with a return on your marketing investment? As fun as eye-catching creatives and zany ideas may be, measurement’s where it’s at. smartphone-BLOG-602x347pix.jpg

 Ask yourself these questions to assess if your agency is using your sales and marketing budget effectively and maximising your ROI:

1. Do you have clear objectives in place?
If your agency doesn’t align your marketing communications strategy with your overall strategic business goals, how can you know what they’re trying to achieve for your budget? How can you be sure you’re marketing yourself effectively? How are you going to measure success? And how are you going to hit your targets? And grow…

2. What is your marketing strategy based on?
Is it evidence-based facts, market research and business intelligence or assumptions? If you want measurable results you need to ensure your agency is having a significant impact on your bottom line. After all, we all know what assumptions make!

3. Do their costs look too good to be true?
You get what you pay for in this world and an agency worth its salt won’t need to undervalue its service to give you confidence they can deliver against your objectives. If the costs look too good to be true, then they most probably are.

4. How are they going to measure results?
If your agency isn’t talking measurement, you need to be questioning why. How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? How do you know which content is resonating with your buyer personas? How do you know what needs refining if you don’t know what’s failing? And how can they justify their budget without this metric?

If, at no point they talk about measurement, at no point are you going to get insight on what’s converting and how to deliver ongoing ROI.

5. Do they know what modern marketing is?
Buying behaviour has evolved and marketing needs to reflect this change and recognise the role it plays in engaging and nurturing customers along the sales journey. Unfortunately, marketing that’s always delivered the same way will always deliver the same results. Marketing success stems from having the courage and insight to move with the times.

6. Is their website mobile responsive?
If not, then you can probably expect that yours won’t be either! There’s a measure of what an agency does for itself and its clients, and that should be your benchmark. With the recent changes to Google algorithms and how marketing has evolved in recent years, agencies cannot afford to become complacent. For more details on making your website mobile friendly, read our blog, ‘Mobilegeddon: Is your web content holding you back?’

7. Are they really cutting edge?
If any agency claims to be cutting edge, it’s worth you digging a bit deeper to find out if they can qualify this claim. For instance, are they keeping up with the latest trends and marketing innovations? Are they one step ahead of the latest social media updates? If they are, then chances are they’ll be taking you on the same journey too.

8. Do they talk content marketing, data and personas?
If not, how can they identify your marketing funnel? How can they target the right people at the right time with the right messaging? And most importantly, how can they convert!

9. Do they understand the value of marketing automation?
Agencies that understand the value of marketing automation and can qualify how you can leverage it as a business tool – are worth listening to. At its best, marketing automation can generate significant new revenue and provide an excellent return on investment. (For more information about marketing automation, read our blog, ‘What is marketing automation and why should I care?’

10. Is social media viewed as an integral part of modern marketing?
If they’re not on social media themselves, then this will most probably answer your question! If the agency is unable to justify the importance of social media today and can’t demonstrate the potential reach and engagement opportunities – be aware. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

Ask us any of the above questions and we’ll be happy to give you further insight into how traditional marketing is leaving businesses on the back foot. It’s not rocket science; it’s all about changing the way we look at customer engagement in line with the changing world of marketing. Want to discuss your marketing requirements with us? Contact us by using this form.



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