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How to find out if you’re maximising ROI on your sales and marketing

by Paul Houston on September 29, 2014

You might be surprised to know that the average UK SME only achieves 39% of planned marketing activity. This equates to £122 billion in lost sales.

Do you think that your business could be missing out?

Finding out whether you’re maximising return on investment on your sales and marketing isn’t easy.


To help you answer this question, we’ve put together the infographic below as part of our Five-Minute Marketing Health Check series for managing directors. It poses five questions to help you establish whether you’re getting value on your sales and marketing spend.

As commercial director and company shareholder, I’ve been grappling with these issues for a number of years. And I’ve concluded that the best way to maximise ROI is to have the right processes in place. If you do that, you’ll be sure that your spending decisions are providing lasting value to your business.

Find out in 5 minutes whether you're maximising return on investment on your sales and marketing spend by taking our marketing health check below



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Paul Houston

This post was written by Paul Houston

Paul is Cognition's Sales Director with over 25 years’ experience. Paul is a motivated and driven sales and marketing professional who strives to expand, develop and enrich businesses.

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