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Murrrder winning business? How to harness the full power of HubSpot

by David Mill on June 27, 2017


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There’s been a murrrrder! That classic line from television’s Taggart police series takes me back. But not to gritty crimes scenes in the cobbled streets of Glasgow. Rather, to the usage of technology to create customised content and capture the attention of the audience.

It was a little sideline for me. By afternoon and evening, I was responsible for the production of two national newspapers. By morning, I was often called upon by STV to mock-up versions of newspaper pages to tie in with storylines in the long-running TV series.

Interestingly, my newspaper experience and page make-up skills made it relatively easy for me to create the content and design. The greater challenge was to get the pages printed at the correct size on paper that resembled newsprint. In those days, it was apparently easier to print 40,000 copies than six!

Of course, there’s been another kind of murrrder in newspapers. Or at least a slow death that not even DCI Jim Taggart could prevent or solve. The ailing fortunes of newspapers are directly attributed to the rise of online publishing, instant news and easy access to information across the internet.

If only they’d had HubSpot and smart content!

We’re coming on to that topic.

But, to dwell a little longer on newspapers, in my view, their seemingly unstoppable slump could have been prevented.

In another relevant professional chapter, I was responsible for pioneering the publication of Mirror Group’s titles online. The Independent, The People and Sporting Life were first on the internet. The Mirror was published within AOL’s service.

It quickly became clear to me that shovelling the content of newspapers onto the internet – mostly at no cost to consumers – was wrong on so many fronts. Giving your content away for free in a format that was not really suitable and didn’t consider the preferences or interests of your target market - madness!

If only they'd had HubSpot and understood the benefits of customising content and targeting its delivery!

We’re coming on to that topic.

To be fair, the technology was much more limited at least during those early days of web publishing. However, it was still possible to be selective about what content was published, when, within what design and – to a degree – delivered to whom.

And, if only they’d had HubSpot …

Fortunately, you do. But are you making the most of it?

Like the pages I created for Taggart, HubSpot provides you with the technology to create customised content and capture the attention of your target audience.

Your content can be smartly targeted at particular segments of your customer or prospect base, scheduled, served, and synchronised to achieve your specific business goals.

From web pages, to email and smart social media, you can provide content to the right person at the right time and nurture their path as a future customer.

Then there’s marketing intelligence, pivotal foundation elements, the importance of content mapping and aligning marketing with sales. And so much more!

If only you could harness the full power of HubSpot!

Fortunately, you can. With a little help from us at Cognition. Did I mention we are the UK's largest HubSpot Platinum partner?

That’s an accolade we have achieved through years of experience, knowledge building and using the marketing automation software to achieve success for our clients.

Free expert guide for you to download

And now we are going to share that knowledge with you in a free-to-download guide …

“12 Ways to Power Up Your HubSpot”

Written by Lindsey Witcherley, a globally recognised and fully certified HubSpot expert, it reveals the best practice tips that will finally make a difference to your overall marketing performance, and start delivering the return you’d expected.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to get the maximum benefit from the HubSpot platform.
  • Pivotal foundation elements that will set you up for success.
  • Why your metrics could be skewed.
  • The importance of content mapping and where to start.
  • How to produce the optimum level of content on a small budget.
  • Why marketing and sales alignment should be a priority.
  • And more …

So, don’t be left behind like those afore-mentioned shortsighted newspaper executives. But do let us provide the clues and solve the problems.

Winning new business isn’t murrrder when you know how to Power Up Your HubSpot ... 

12 Ways to Power Up Your HubSpot

Talk to us today about how we can help you generate increased awareness, demand and sales.

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