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Management Consultants: Are You Part of the Pinched Middle?

by Paul Houston on October 08, 2015
Mid-sized management consultants are fighting a war on two fronts at the moment:

On the one hand, the big consultancies are growing. According to Companies House figures, the combined turnover of the top tier has increased by £3.7 billion year on year.

On the other hand, the industry is awash with new entrants. Nearly 3,000 new businesses were started in the past 12 months, and it’s at the point where just over 95% of all firms employ fewer than 10 people. These small players have low overheads and are undercutting on price.


If you're feeling this sort of pressure check out our infographic. It has tips on how to:

- Punch above your weight to compete with complacent big players, and
- Differentiate yourself from small firms who can undercut on price



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Paul Houston

This post was written by Paul Houston

Paul is Cognition's Sales Director with over 25 years’ experience. Paul is a motivated and driven sales and marketing professional who strives to expand, develop and enrich businesses.

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