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#ME, my #SELFIE and #I

by Lindsey Witcherley on July 01, 2013


You know it’s the new buzz word when your most unlikely colleague says to you, “I’ve totally mastered the ‘selfie’ – in fact I’m so good I can even take a picture of myself laughing that looks like it’s taken by somebody else – did I just say that out loud?!” (I won’t credit her with this quote!).

It’s 2013 and the word "selfie" has become commonplace enough to be monitored for inclusion in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. And today, 80% of smartphone users won’t even leave the house without their devices. (Hubspot)

So every moment, incident, memory, mood can now be captured on camera!

BUT… what’s the future of the ‘selfie’?


Celebrities are doing it, friends are doing it – everyone seems to be doing it! Just remember today, a photo online is a photo forever. Consider the impact and story your creative selfies might say about you… Profile pictures should be appropriate and suitable for their usage, whether professional or fun – and certain types of portraits should perhaps be kept offline!!! Without the risk of sounding like a protective parent, do you actually know who’s looking at your selfies right now..? Potential employer? Prospect? Customer? Client? Everyone?!!


The industry is trying to promote a transparent view of the world where size, appearance and negative body image is not a focus for today’s teenagers – yet it’s todays teenagers who seem to be promoting a very different perception of this world – where vanity and image is an online leader. Is it a trend? Well it’s all over #Twitter #Instagram #facebook #google+


Whilst teenagers are now using Instagram as their personal (online) photo album and platforms such as Facebook for their (very public) diaries – what control is being taken? And what considerations are being made for future ramifications? Privacy settings seem to be an added extra for the younger generation – it’s no wonder parents are getting anxious with all the bad publicity and unwelcomed online attention it can encourage


How things are changing… 14th June 2013, Chelsea Clinton posted her first ‘selfie’:


There are numerous blog articles posted for ‘how to achieve the best selfie’, there are even image-based websites now offering to buy your selfie! So, is there perhaps a marketing/self-promotional opportunity out there for all those vanity driven individuals ready to sell their selfies and gain even more online coverage? Or is it simply a fad?

5. #SELFIE obsessed

Over 1 million photos are uploaded alone with the hashtag ‘selfie’

And if insecurity happens to be one of the reasons behind this – why not upload a #selfie right now and someone might just ‘like’ you!

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