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Moving with the times – Modern PR tips

by Richard Brennan on July 02, 2013


Rapidly-diminishing budgets coupled with ongoing competition, all borne as a result of the challenging economic climate, has resulted in many communications costs being among the first to be slashed in recent years.

Research has shown that companies are adopting more of an audience-driven mindset and spending less on traditional PR functions, such as press releases and print advertising, in favour of online marketing.


There are a number of benefits to be reaped from online marketing which, as a result of intelligent technology, enables organisations to keep a closer eye on their costs and ROI. Google Analytics enables companies to see what people do once they have reached their site while SEO tools, such as Moz, illustrates their ranking according to key words and helps keep tabs on the competition.

In today’s ever-changing environment, companies are increasingly calling for modern PR. However, very few agencies are able to offer a comprehensive full-service approach that incorporates an effective online strategy, like we do here at Cognition.

We understand that results are no longer based on reach, but relevance, which is illustrated by what people do with the information once they have actually received it. This can be anything from re-tweeting a message to sharing a post – and the power to not just capture people’s interest, but to compel them to act upon it, is paramount.

Forward-thinking professions are rapidly evolving, and PR is clearly no exception as the following three examples illustrate:

1. Calculating commercial success

Traditional PR – you can issue a media release and measure the number of pieces of coverage it generates, but what is the true commercial value of this activity?

Modern PR - by distributing an online media release that features targeted keywords that link back to a website, companies are provided with a valuable insight into activity, including how many visitors have been attracted and exactly what has captured their interest.

2. Creating releases with an online approach

Traditional PR – why draft a media release only for it to have to be rewritten to ensure it has been search engine optimised?

Modern PR – it is far more time and cost-effective to draft media releases that incorporate online PR techniques, from the outset.

3. Approaching the media with a modern mind set

Traditional PR – there’s no denying harnessing and maintaining good working relationships with the media helps generate valuable media coverage.

Modern PR – in a world where technology is key, more immediate results can be achieved by adopting a plethora of techniques ranging from creating viral footage to building up a powerful social media presence.

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