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John Lewis advert: another Christmas gift to us all

by Simon Jolly on November 07, 2014

John Lewis have gone and done it to us again.

They’ve got everybody talking about their Christmas TV campaign. Last year they brought us The Bear and the Hare and this year, they’ve switched their attention to penguins.

But what is it about the retailer’s adverts that strike a chord with the nation? And how have their adverts grown to be a Christmas institution of sorts?


Our Creative Director, Simon Jolly, gives a five-minute breakdown of this year’s magical, penguin-filled offering.

In John Lewis’ words, their Monty’s Penguin clip is designed to evoke the ‘magic of make-believe at Christmas through a child’s eyes.’

It’s a fantastic example of brand building and story telling.

In two minutes, we’re treated to yet another lush, cinematic style film presented against the backdrop of a classic soundtrack with a modern twist (this time around we’ve got Tom Odell doing John’s Lennon’s Real Love).

The narrative is compelling, gently showing glimpses of an unusual emotional bond between cute little boy, Sam, and his adorable friend, Monty.

Perfect and engaging for people of all ages, John Lewis’ festive offering is the first advert of the season. This is critical as it positions the retailer in our minds as the emotional brand for the festive season.

The pay off at the end is Monty being revealed as the child's imagination, which is an absolutely wonderful move that’s accompanied by the tagline – ‘Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of.’

John Lewis’ adverts have almost become a gift to us all for Christmas while positioning the brand as a cut above.

Not had chance to see it yet? Take a look at it now:

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