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Top 10 marketing experts to follow on Twitter

by Hannah Beveridge on July 25, 2014

One of the many joys of Twitter is that it allows you to get insights from a vast range of experts on the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of marketing and social media.

But with so much choice, how do you decide whom to follow? While there’s a plethora of interesting and informed voices to choose from, we thought we’d share our top ten insider choices to let you in on the updates we find the most useful and insightful.


1. Copyblogger (@copyblogger)

We can’t get enough of the copyblogger! An expert on all things blogosphere, the copyblogger tweets numerous tips and hints with helpful links on everything from improving your writing technique to using images to increase the psychological impact of your content. The copyblogger is excellent at simplifying the process of creating compelling content. Don’t miss out on its advice!

2. Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day)

Benefit from the views of leading experts on social media best practices. Regular tweets offer practical tips and advice on social media strategy. And check out what their best thinkers have to say.

3. Ann Handley (@marketingprofs)

Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs and author of ‘Content Rules’, Ann Hadley tweets invaluable marketing tips with an emphasis – unsurprisingly – on creating the best content.

She’s ‘waging a war on mediocrity in content.’ We’re supporting you all the way Ann!

4. Social Media Examiner (@smexaminer)

With helpful advice on what works in business social media, blogging and podcasts, we love keeping up with Social Media Examiner’s regular updates.

Find out how to save time when using social media or how to work with changes in the Facebook page layout. And plenty more.

5. Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas)

Jeff Bullas is a prolific blogger specialising in social media marketing, as well as an influential strategist and speaker.

He tweets regular updates with helpful tips on subjects ranging from building a LinkedIn profile to avoiding WordPress mistakes and insights on Google+. A must for marketers.

6. Vanessa Fox (@vanessafox)

Author of ‘Marketing in the Age of Google’, Vanessa provides useful insight on digital marketing. And she’s very interesting on other non-marketing related stuff too!

7. HubSpot (@HubSpot)

The definitive experts on inbound marketing, HubSpot’s regular tweets offer a wealth of advice on everything from email subject lines to creating the perfect social media post.

Follow them on Twitter and benefit from their comprehensive knowledge of content marketing, blogging, SEO, website design… you name it!

8. Contagious (@Contagious)

We follow Contagious, experts on branding who tweet about numerous subjects ranging from the latest apps you need to know about to video case studies.

An incredibly useful resource, often providing links to the vast range of topics on their site.

9. Simon Sinek (@SimonSinek)

Be inspired by his insights on how great leadership can create trust, cooperation and change. We are!

10. Adweek (@Adweek)

Get regular updates on what’s going on in the marketing and business world, letting you in on what you need to know to keep on top of things.



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Hannah Beveridge

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