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"A marketing business that is prepared to be held accountable for return on investment by their customer has a USP over its competitors"

Mark Banton - Parry Group Ltd.

Are you getting ROI from your marketing?

There is only one reason why you invest in marketing and that is to add value to your business. Whether you are a C-Level Officer in a large corporation, a Director of a mid-market company or a business owner, you need marketing to improve your business otherwise there is little point in spending your money. While we specialise in working with companies with a turnover between £5m and £100m, we have been engaged by some of the world’s largest corporations such as Cisco and AON and by start-ups with small marketing budgets. Despite the obvious differences in their operational infrastructure and marketing budgets, what the Directors, shareholders and owners of these businesses have in common is a desire to work with an agency that understands how to deliver a return on marketing investment. Achieving this objective is not as straightforward as it seems and the failure of agencies to deliver value has tainted the image of the marketing industry. There are many reasons for this failure but two of the principal ones are:

  • Where lead generation and sales growth are primary objectives, agencies do not integrate sales and marketing in their strategic planning, which means leads are not followed through the funnel

  • Agencies and clients do not take account of potential flaws in strategic planning arising out of biases built into the way we think

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By addressing both these issues through the integration of research, marketing, sales enablement and psychology, we have challenged the habits of our industry. While marketing deals with probabilities not certainties, our methods, developed over almost 20 years, are the best guarantee of success you can have. You can trust our methods because they are proven and you can trust our approach because it is grounded in commercial realism, psychology and primacy of evidence in strategic planning.

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