Case study: FirstCare

“Very happy with the content and happy for it to go on the website. I really like the format too. Very eye-catching and interesting.”

James Arquette, Chief Operating Officer, FirstCare

Learn how we help a leading UK absence management company to attract and engage more website visitors, as well as increase their presence and interaction on social media.

The business

FirstCare is the authority on absence management and its financial impact. They maintain the UK’s largest database on absence, covering 185,000 employees and recording more than 10.2 million absences. 

They work with organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive to actively improve national standards.


The challenge

FirstCare had five business-critical goals they needed to achieve:

  • Help organisations reduce absenteeism and all of its associate costs
  • Contribute to better, healthier working environments for employees
  • Reduce employer risk through improving process compliance
  • Making available reliable, accurate data on which to base decision making
  • Continuing to be a leading voice on absence management within the UK.


They contacted Cognition because they wanted to increase their number of sales meetings, increase website visits, grow their database as well as attract more private sector clients and improve retention.

The solution

We solved the business challenge by conducting our proprietary Route to Growth (RTG) process, which involved a combination of psychology, research and the creation of an evidence-based strategic marketing plan for the short, medium and long-term.

The main components of that plan were:

  • Repositioning the FirstCare brand, which included the development of key messages and brand values
  • Building brand awareness to aid the sales process and create demand
  • Establish FirstCare as an authority in the market to aid purchasing decisions and position FirstCare as the experts


We approached this by targeting key decision makers with social media campaigns, content marketing and PR. This included refreshing social media accounts as well as creating case studies, infographics, blog posts and guides.


“The content looks wonderful! I like it very much indeed and, from a design point of view, it's probably my favourite work to date.”

James Arquette, Chief Operating Officer, FirstCare


The results

  • A good percentage of visitors are reaching the new content pages showing the user journey of the new-look site is working

  • The majority of the visitors to the site are new, showing a general increase in interest among targeted audiences

  • Visitors generated from the social activity are the most engaged, driving the most visits from referrals and spending the most time on the site. They average 4m5s on the site compared to an average of 1m22s

  • Blogs and case studies are engaging visitors – we see this from the time spent viewing each one. The true financial impact infographic was viewed for an average 3m18s, with the Return to work guidance at 2m47s

  • An increase in sales appointments within FirstCare, which was a primary goal initially