Case study: Lifelink Global

“From day one, working with Cognition has been a sensational experience. They have given us a clear pathway to move forward with our comms and deliver work on time, every time.”

Alan Scotland, Operations Director, Lifelink Global

'Working with Cognition has been a sensational experience. You get people promising a lot in the digital space, but Cognition have really delivered for us.' 
(Alan Scotland, Lifelink Global) 
Discover how we engineered a complete rebrand of messaging and values for this global non-profit organisation. 

The business

 Lifelink Global is a worldwide evangelical Christian movement dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God, teaching the Word of God and demonstrating the compassion of God.

They have been teaching, evangelising and supporting humanitarian projects for almost 100 years in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.




The challenge

Before working with Cognition, Lifelink Global had spent 3-4 years looking for a marketing partner that could fully understand its requirements as a non-profit. They were desperately in need of an agency that could not only help them communicate with certainty, clarity and passion, but also help them locate the people who would be most receptive to their message – a message that is not always popular in this day and age.

The solution

Cognition delivered a series of in depth discovery sessions with the senior team at Lifelink Global, with the goal to challenge the way the organisation and its staff think, feel and act. 

Following the discovery sessions, Cognition engineered a complete rebrand of Lifelink Global’s messaging and values. This was encapsulated in a change of brand name – from Global Horizons to Lifelink Global. The new name was chosen to better reflect the organisation’s mission to be a comprehensive teaching and learning resource for people across the globe.

The new brand was successfully unveiled at the annual leadership event. Cognition then selected HubSpot, a market-leading CRM system, to allow Lifelink Global to track and retain its website visitors – enabling the company to capture and use data in a way it has never been able to before.


“It has been a wonderful experience so far and one we hope to continue for many years to come.”

Alan Scotland, Operations Director


The results

The rebrand, leadership event and response to the new direction of Lifelink Global has been resoundingly positive. The organisation is thriving like never before and with the introduction of HubSpot, not to mention the brand new website in production, the future looks bright for this non-profit sharing an important message.