68.6% increase in Amazon sales

"We have only positive things to say about Cognition. As a new company in a new market, we succeeded in a very short time period to penetrate the UK market with the help of Cognition Agency. Cognition were able to very quickly identify our target market which ended up in very positive sales figures. I would highly recommend Cognition Agency to anyone who would like to find a partner who is truly listening and understanding your needs. 5 stars."
Henrik Sunberg, Elisa Live Marketing Director 


Elisa Live is a division of Elisa, a large Finnish telecoms corporation that develops and builds wireless IP cameras.

Elisa contacted Cognition because:

  • Sales volumes were low
  • No sales and marketing strategy existed
  • Knowledge was required on how to approach the UK market
  • Aggressive sales targets had to be achieved
  • Competitors were leading the way
  • No direct e-commerce platform was being used
Elisa Live


  • After three months, Elisa achieved the biggest single sales day in their history
  • First three months saw an extra 100 new premium memberships
  • Marketing automation campaigns drove Amazon customer reviews up from 2 to 5 stars in three months
  • 100% increase in contact conversions in their first month
  • 95% conversion rate in premium membership uptake following free trials and automation campaigns
  • Successful new product launch and subsequent sales
  • PPC click-through-rate up by 7%
  • Page one visibility for SEO rankings
  • 68.6% increase in Amazon sales ranking
  • New product review ratings increased by 250% over the quarter
  • Month-on-month increase in sales and positive customer reviews

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