Email marketing performing at 400% above industry average



"Since we started with Cognition we have been given the right direction and support, from simple day-to-day tasks to planning objectives and goals. We are more productive than ever before thanks to the guidance and advice from the team, who are always ready for whatever we throw their way! We are looking forward to what's to come with their expertise and supportive team."
Caroline Calero, Firstcare


FirstCare is an absent management specialist that helps companies reduce absenteeism.

Company goals include:

  • Help organisations to reduce absenteeism and all of the associated costs
  • Contribute to improved, healthier working environments
  • Reduce employer risk through improving process compliance
  • Make reliable and accurate data available for all in real-time
  • Continue to be a leading voice on absence management within the UK

They contacted Cognition because they wanted to:

  • Increase the quantity of sales meetings month-on-month
  • Grow the number of website visits (organic and campaign-led)
  • Add to the number of employees within their contact database
  • Boost the number of private sector clients within their client portfolio
  • Improve overall customer retention


  • 12% increase in website sessions in six months (June – December)
  • 55% of total website traffic is now coming from organic sources (30% industry average)
  • Email marketing is performing at 400% above the industry average
  • 186% increase in Social Media website traffic
  • An average visitors spent more than double their time on the website after only six months
  • Quarterly campaigns converting from 45% (industry average 20-25%)
  • Marketing automation campaigns with personalisation are converting contacts at an average of 44%
  • Top performing industry blogs are converting at over 42% through targeted content offers
  • Blog subscriptions increased by 45% in six months (industry benchmark is 20-25%)
  • The time visitors spend online is more than 3x greater than 12 months previously
  • Intelligent lead management and funnel-led content have been the drivers of a rise in month-on-month lead generation and subsequent sales meetings

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