540% increase in website traffic from email marketing

“I think Route to Growth has been a great way of objectively sense checking what we ‘thought’ we knew while also creating new and useful insight into the market we are going to enter. It has been highly valuable to us.”
Gary Brennand, Hope Construction Materials 


With a history going back more than 80 years, Hope cement plant in Derbyshire is recognised as the UK's biggest and best.

Hope engaged Cognition to launch a packed cement offering into an already highly monopolised market where it is difficult to stand out.

There were two key challenges to overcome:

  • This was a new market and product for the company
  • They needed to gain more knowledge of their prospects and how to engage with them


  • Twitter followers increased by 554% over 6 months
  • Facebook interactions increased by 2015%
  • 944% increase in visits to the website from social channels
  • Monthly increase in HubSpot leads by an average of 30% per month
  • 174,700 impressions on Twitter over 4 months
  • 71% increase in organic website traffic
  • 60% of overall website traffic is coming from organic sources (Dec 2016 – Jan 2017)
  • 540% increase in website traffic from email marketing
  • Launched the first app-based loyalty scheme in this market space

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