60% increase in Web traffic in 12 months



“Cognition's ‘Route to Growth’ process really gives you the marketing intelligence to deliver precise, focused and accurate communications If you require someone to help engineer and execute a full sales and marketing strategy, I would not hesitate in recommending Cognition as your agency."
Roy Edwards, Nursing Hygiene Group


NHG is the only healthcare supply company to offer consumables, care equipment and care environment consultancy from a single source.

NHG got in touch with Cognition because:

  • Their existing brand whilst having considerable brand equity, had become disjointed over time, and required an evaluation through research and business intelligence of the marketplace, current data, marketing approach and sales process
  • The 9 individual brands didn’t articulate the business areas succinctly enough, and required simple and clear positioning. This resulted in 3 specific business areas being identified: Care Consumables, Care Environments and Care Equipment
  • They needed a new website that would convert new visitors, engage with current and new customers and allow for a better overall user experience


  • Over 60% increase in Web traffic from 2015-2016
  • 20% increase in page views consecutively, across the website over 6 months (June - December)
  • 56% of overall traffic is now coming from organic sources and driving the most new contacts in the database
  • Top performing CTAs are delivering 43% click to submission rate
  • Email open rates, on average are at 70%
  • Content aligned with the buyer’s journey is driving the most contact to lead conversions
  • Campaigns are performing above average through automated workflows and contact profile segmentation
  • Identified contact trends and analytics to improve overall site-wide conversions and user experience

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