Bias Analysis

Bias Analysis

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Co-founded by a psychologist, Cognition was one of the first UK agencies to blend marketing, psychology and technology and our expertise in decision science and buyer behaviour is unmatched.


Our Bias Analysis looks at how your marketing and sales may be affected by more than 300 known cognitive biases that can distort our thinking.

By looking at how you make your marketing and sales decisions we isolate the dominant biases, how they may be affecting your marketing strategy and what can be done about it.


The output is a series of recommendations that will improve the performance of your marketing and sales teams.

It will teach them new ways of approaching digital marketing tactics and assessing real-time data.

Above all, it will make your teams more efficient, less burdened by endless planning and able to execute lean, effective digital marketing strategies.

If you prefer to leave the implementation to your existing providers that is fine by us. What Cognition Consultancy delivers is clear, effective Bias Analysis strategies and our unique, proven approach is business changing.



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Our blend of digital marketing, psychology and technology, is delivering tangible value to SMEs and global corporations in territories as diverse as the UK, Europe, the Americas, Russia & Asia.

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