Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

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With more than 7,000 new marketing technologies appearing over the past seven years, it’s little wonder that businesses, regardless of their size, struggle to manage this level of complexity. That’s where Cognition Consultancy can help.

Based on the five components of Digital Thinking (Speed, Simplicity, Optimisation, Collaboration and Agility), we assess both the structure and viability of your existing or proposed digital marketing strategy. If you do not have any strategy in place, we will use our blend of digital marketing, psychology and technology to guide you through the maze of choices open to you.

We work on the principle of channel and tactic neutrality, which means we will provide you with the advice that is most likely to get the fastest and best ROI.

To do this is challenging and liberating. Where the brain yearns for certainty, commercial success depends on letting go of some of our most cherished biases. These include our compulsion to over-plan and the cognitive illusion that the answer to our problems lies in more data and analytics.

Our advice will be evidence-based and easy to implement. It will involve marketing and sales as there is no point in restricting the scope of your digital marketing strategy to the top of the funnel. 

If you prefer to leave the implementation to your existing providers that is fine by us. What Cognition Consultancy delivers is clear, effective digital marketing strategies and our unique, proven training is business changing.



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