Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

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Since 1998 we’ve been teaching businesses how to unleash the full potential of their marketing efforts.

To us at Cognition, marketing is a practical, plain-speaking pursuit – one of science and empirical data, not guesswork.

Our proprietary, psychology-based marketing strategies respond to the thought processes that dictate every purchase – that’s why they get results.

Targeting the mind

A lot of marketers know that content, data and inbound methodologies are key to marketing success, but many forget the most significant factor in any buy decision – the brain.

Our marketing strategies are built on a strong understanding of the psychological processes that dictate everyday purchases. The materials we produce for our clients are designed to target the logical and emotional processes in the brain that cause customers to act.

Establishing long-term customer relationships

Anyone who has successfully achieved year-on-year profit gains will tell you that customer retention is always more valuable than customer acquisition. In fact, the Adobe Digital Index found that 40% of an ecommerce store’s revenue is created by 8% of its customers.

Securing new business still has its place of course, but once you’ve got that good thing, why would you let it go? We can help you become your customers’ concierge, establishing a real rapport with them and reaping the rewards of long-term sales and satisfaction.

Acting with accountability
We believe that any marketing strategy worth its salt should hold both client and agency mutually accountable for the results they achieve, and act cooperatively to extract maximum value from every interaction with existing and prospective customers.

We achieve mutual client-agency accountability by collaboratively defining clear, quantifiable objectives, and optimise every interaction by aligning marketing and sales. Plus, we’re constantly re-evaluating our results, always keen to uncover the next route to success.
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