Sales Optimisation

Sales Optimisation

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We were one the first UK agencies to combine digital marketing with sales. We have trained thousands of sales people and worked with dozens of sales teams.

The key to our success has been our consultative approach. We map your sales process and unearth areas where it can be improved, by human or technological intervention.

The ultimate aim of our consultancy is to optimise your sales funnel.

Beginning at the top of the funnel where prospects are beginning to engage with your brand through to the bottom of the funnel where the deal is closed, we track the performance of every aspect of your sales funnel.

This includes the behaviour and psychology of your sales teams.

The end-point of our consultancy is a series of recommendations to optimise sales performance when selling into digitised markets. 

If you prefer to leave the implementation to your existing providers that is fine by us. What Cognition Consultancy delivers is clear, effective sales optimisation strategies and our unique, proven approach is business changing.



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Our blend of digital marketing, psychology and technology, is delivering tangible value to SMEs and global corporations in territories as diverse as the UK, Europe, the Americas, Russia & Asia.

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