We enable our clients to create the most powerful platform for growth any marketing agency can possibly deliver. This is due to Dual Process Marketing, our proprietary methodology based on how buying decisions are made.

If businesses were to think about marketing agencies they would ask them to focus on what they can control. They would ask their agency to create the strongest possible platform for growth. They would ask them to clarify messaging, rationalise processes, gather evidence and tell a story capable of moving buyers to act.

Whenever you buy anything, you have to feel you are making the right decision and you have to think about it, if only for an instant. Feeling and thinking correspond to two brain systems or dual processes: System 1 and System 2.

Dual Process Marketing - Cognition Agency

Effective marketing comes from knowing how both Systems work and knowing when to leverage System 1 and when to leverage System 2.

This takes expertise in business intelligence & psychology as well as marketing.

System 1

Creates a great story and frames it in words and pictures that will move minds

Dual Process Marketing Brain

System 2

Uses evidence and data to evaluate how, when and where to tell the story and what do with the feedback from those who hear it

Businesses invest in marketing to get a return yet 80% of businesses feel they have commercial needs that neither marketing agencies nor internal marketing teams can deliver.

The Route to Growth was developed to solve this problem... 

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