The importance of SEO in a marketing strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) used to be about ‘black art’ link building and website wizardry. And it used to be a purely technical, standalone discipline. Not any more. If you want to achieve results you need to approach SEO as part of an integrated marketing strategy, where every element is about helping prospects find the information they’re looking for.

Learn how to approach SEO as part of an integrated marketing strategy

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SEO is dead. Long live SEO

Google has, pretty much, always had a strict set of rules in place that you must abide by if you want your site to toe the line and rank well in its search results pages. These rules were put in place to guarantee high quality and “honest” search results to satisfy the user base and so Google could continue to make lots of money from its advertising revenue. Is SEO dead or is it alive or is it both or is it not? 

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