dig-marketing-bias title  Bias analysis

Our Bias Analysis looks at how your marketing and sales may be affected by more than 300 known cognitive biases that can distort our thinking.


Create strategic clarity

By looking at how you make your marketing and sales decisions we isolate the dominant biases, how they may be affecting your marketing strategy and what can be done about it.

The output is a series of recommendations that will improve the performance of your marketing and sales teams. It will teach them new ways of approaching digital marketing tactics, assessing real-time data and executing effective digital marketing strategies.


Identifying errors in thinking

The idea that we as consumers and individuals are perfectly rational beings is a myth. Our brains work in predictable ways, and have predictable blind spots, which can distort our perception of reality and cause us to make suboptimal decisions. 

These cognitive biases can, without us knowing, hinder business growth. By identifying them and removing them from your decision making process, you will make far more objective and accurate decisions that will reflect the reality of your market and organisation.


Cognitive bias marketing

Cognitive biases also influence buyer decisions. With an awareness of these biases, we can tailor our messaging and tactics to influence the rational and emotional aspects of our target persona. This will not only help make your marketing strategy more effective; it will also empower the buyer to make the right purchasing decisions based on their actual objective needs, and not on short-term emotionality. For more information on how we can do this for your business, get in touch today.

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