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Branding & Creative

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Since 1998, Cognition has specialised in branding and high quality, award-winning creative.

In our early years we were known as a branding agency but our definition of branding was far more granular than what is commonly meant by the term.

Michael Eisner, former CEO of Walt Disney, defined a brand as:

“a living entity...the product of a thousand small gestures.”

While digital marketing allows for those gestures to be disseminated and analysed in ways that were previously unavailable, the idea that branding is behaviourally driven was one of our earliest insights that many agencies have followed subsequently.

While our method of working with brands is behavioural and extends from marketing to sales, it’s the quality of our creative output and its application across multiple platforms that defines us as a creative digital agency.

Our approach to branding and creative is driven by digital thinking. This requires a consultative approach where we help define a new brand or improve engagement with an existing brand across multiple channels. This is where our blend of marketing, psychology and technology enables us to find creative solutions for brands.

Video production

Our proprietary content creation method is shrewdly aligned with the psychological processes that dictate every buy decision – that’s why it performs.

We tell compelling corporate stories that move readers to act, before analysing reams of data on customer/audience behaviour to determine how, when and where to tell those stories.

Print design and management

Holding the attention of a modern audience is tough. So why not give them something to hold instead? Print orders have dwindled since the digital takeover – we just see that as less competition.

Print remains as relevant and effective a medium as ever. If anything, the digital era has only raised the permanence and value of printed materials when used in a well developed strategy.

Illustration and Motion Graphics

We paint the bigger picture of your business, then inject it with some illustration or animative energy.

Present reams of information on your business in a format that is engaging and digestible, with a few heaps of charm thrown in for good measure.



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