Business Intelligence

Using marketing intelligence methods developed over nearly 20 years, we are one of the only marketing agencies in the UK to have a dedicated Research, Data and Analytics Department

This allows us to gather and utilise marketing data, making our clients as effective as the world’s biggest companies but at a fraction of the cost.

To maximise return on investment you need to know why and how prospects buy from you.

Once you know your buyers’ behaviours, you’re able to identify the best people to target. Your marketing can then be tailored to:

•   Generate revenue
•   Increase profit 
•   Contribute towards your wider business objectives

Personalisation must be intrinsic to your entire customer experience. This means different audiences need to find meaningful information relevant to their goals and pain points when they visit your website. 

You, therefore, need to use behavioural insight to optimise each interaction a person has with your company. In this way, you’ll build strong relationships that translate into enduring customer loyalty.



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How to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy What stops businesses getting value out of marketing?


Case Study: Parry

Parry Group is a specialist supplier of commercial catering and clinical equipment. Cognition were tasked to Increases turnover by 58% within 24 months, develop the brand and proposition and Increases awareness of Parry Group.

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Parry Kitchen Case Study - Marketing Intelligence Example

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