Consultancy-customer exp-title  Customer Experience Journey Mapping

CX mapping is fundamental to digital marketing success. And when done properly, it can incite company-wide, transformational change.

Customer Journey Blocks

Why map the B2B customer journey?

While many B2B businesses focus on the ‘purchase funnel’, few have a detailed picture of the omnichannel touchpoints and psychological mindsets that make up the end-to-end customer experience.

Even businesses that did invest in CX mapping and ‘voice of the customer’ programmes before the pandemic, must now revisit this work. As customer expectations and channel preferences have changed irreversibly, so too must our notions of what constitutes a ‘good experience’. 

In short, there’s never been a more important time to map (or re-map) the customer journey.

Customer Journey Experience

Benefits of CX mapping

Pinpointing specific opportunities for improvement: From poor UX on a form to fragmented internal processes, CX maps highlight the marginal gains and major improvements needed to delight customers and outflank competitors. 

Prioritising internal projects: Initiatives which directly address audience pain points are given fresh impetus and senior buy-in. 

Optimising digital platforms: Poor digital experiences are quickly exposed and opportunities for intelligent automation and personalisation are revealed.

Unconscious bias

How we can help 

Despite all the benefits, many CX initiatives fail to make an impact. This can be down to several factors including internal biases, poor customer research practices, failure to properly roll out the maps or simply ineffective design. 

At Cognition, our understanding of digital customer experience and psychology means we can deliver CX mapping projects for all manner of businesses - no matter how complex the product or service.

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