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As long ago (in digital terms!) as 2013, Gartner stated that “high levels of end-user investment in digital marketing and customer experience initiatives were the primary growth drivers” in the rapid rise of demand for CRM software.

“CRM”, the Gartner report continued, “will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years. This is one technology area that will get funding because digital business is critical for companies to remain competitive.”

Managing your customer databases on spreadsheets or, as is often the case, a combination of scattered files, emails and the collective memory of your sales team, is not viable. None of these options link to your automation platform nor do they allow for simple, easy to follow dashboards. The result is a poor organisation of prospect and customer information which inhibits growth.

An effective well-structured CRM allows visibility of the status, history and distribution of all leads and guarantees efficient lead tracking and consistency in the way you engage with your contacts. It also pulls information and feedback from all your digital channels and secures them in one place, which is crucial to being able to scale your business. Without this level of organisation, your digital marketing will struggle to realise its optimum sales potential regardless of how effective it is at generating leads.

Our CRM specialists will either set you up on HubSpot CRM, enable you get the best out of your existing CRM or advise on the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate your CRM with HubSpot or whichever automation platform you are using.





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