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Many businesses either create too much content, fail to segment the content strategies they develop or optimise the channels they use.

Creating content

Creating content that converts

We produce too much content for the same reason we amass too much data: we assume more is better and we are wrong.

When Cognition builds content strategies, we use our knowledge of psychology to create the minimum amount of content necessary to achieve our client’s core objectives.

This involves repurposing successful content in multiple formats across multiple channels, providing clear persona-based messaging and keeping all content as simple and digestible as possible.

Crafting B2B content

B2B content marketing  

Even the most traditional B2B brands now get the importance of content marketing. That means standing out is harder than ever. The proliferation of content is not just overwhelming for audiences - it’s a burden for in-house marketers, too. Especially when all that effort doesn't translate to clicks, leads and results. 

Only through simplicity, clarity and true audience empathy can brands cut through the noise and launch sustainable content marketing strategies. That’s where we come in.

Planning content marketing

Strategists, psychologists and creatives

At Cognition, we have enormous experience of planning, creating, measuring and optimising content for B2B brands. 

We revel in complex sectors where engagement and advocacy is hard earned.

Our psychologists and SEO specialists obsess over audience mindsets and search intents. Our creatives thrive on crafting stories that resonate on an emotional level. While our account teams see the big picture, providing strategic direction and commercial focus.

All our team are HubSpot experts, fully-versed in inbound and hands-on with platform support and training.

Crafting engaging content

Data. Stories. Engagement.

As with all Cognition services, our approach to content marketing boils down to data, stories and engagement. 

In data, we find the evidence we need to develop targeted, measurable content programmes. 

Stories turn the numbers and insights into compelling messages, which change customer behaviours and prompt action. 

And Engagement is the tactical roll out and execution - in turn generating data to feed back into this iterative model we call ‘The Cognition Brain’.


"The CORGI brand has always been very well known in our industry, but people were confused about how we could support them today. The idea of creating a topic focus was fantastic, as it enabled us to position ourselves as a leading authoritative figure, and fill a gap in the marketplace.”


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