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Our SEO expertise and journalistic flair means we’re ideally placed to handle your PR activities.

Increasing social media engagement

Story-led, SEO-driven PR

Digital PR means combining traditional public relations skills with the latest organic SEO and content marketing tactics. 

We help clients secure the high quality placements and backlinks they need to elevate their brands in both target media and search engines. 

From creating newsworthy content campaigns to thought leadership, corporate positioning and reputation management  – we know what to say, where to say it and how. And, we’ll ensure the results meet your objectives.

Google Search Console Insights

Campaigns to build links and brands

We deliver PR campaigns which generate linked coverage and enhance your brand awareness and reputation.

Outreach tactics have been transformed by digital and social media. But the fundamental aspects of successful PR content remain the same - finding newsworthy angles and crafting compelling pitches. 

We work with you to plan and execute campaigns that will grab the attention of editors, journalists, bloggers, influencers and stakeholders. The result: more brand mentions, better quality backlinks and significant improvements in brand awareness and organic traffic.

Viewing data

Surveys, whitepapers and events

Work with us on a comprehensive piece of research, survey or whitepaper that delivers headlines and intellectual property that you, and you alone, own. 

As well as pitching the findings into the media, we’ll create a wealth of cluster content around your research which builds expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (Google’s much talked about E-A-T). 

Alternatively, we can pull together the ‘movers and shakers’ in your industry and host a roundtable debate, aligning you with like-minded thinkers and agenda setters.


News, comment and opinion

We work with you to ensure your audience hears about your latest news. And, if you think you have no news… we’ll work with you to unearth an angle that resonates.

As your digital press office, we’ll coach you to understand and empathise with the needs of your stakeholders to tease out the minutiae that matters to them.  

We’ll also discover the spokespeople within your business, generating the opportunities for them to comment on hot industry topics in the right publications.


B2B PR specialists

We have a long history of working with complex brands in B2B sectors. Our PR specialists have built trusted relationships with trade-specific websites and publications, helping clients become leading voices in their industries. 

Most importantly, we take the time to understand your world - no matter how niche the subject matter. Our content team delight in getting under the skin of technical products and finding the stories, feature ideas and press releases that demand coverage.



Everything we do will be aligned to your corporate or marketing objectives. And we’ll monitor, measure and adjust where necessary. For us, measurable gains in referral traffic, social media mentions and link acquisitions can be just as important as placements. By marrying creativity and data, we achieve your PR goals.


Crisis management and media training

In addition, we cover crisis management, work with MPs and APPGs, advise and work with you on public consultation matters and can hold your hand through media interviews and training. 

In essence, we’ll get your voice heard and your messages read, while significantly improving your SEO performance in the process.

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