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We show you how to use your data to obtain strategic insights and fuel effective decision making.

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Making sense of data

Data and analytics are at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are looking to grow your sales numbers, refine your audience or stay ahead of the competition, our expert consultants can help you extract meaningful insights from your data. This could mean measuring the results of an ad campaign, data mining for content development or analysing the user journey of a website or app - the possibilities, and benefits, are endless.


Data-driven strategy for business-focused outcomes

Of the endless stream of data and analysis available to you from multiple sources  – including Google Analytics – we focus on a few key drivers of your core objectives such as conversion, content and SEO performance, social media engagement analysis, paid search and paid social performance, competitor analysis and the performance of your website across devices. With a focused approach, we can do more with less.


HubSpot analytics

While many businesses rely on Google Analytics to deliver digital marketing data, platforms such as HubSpot deliver everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads and report on the effectiveness of the tactics you are using. Using HubSpot, we can measure the performance of all your marketing campaigns in one place with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. This unification of key data will give you everything you need to be a data-driven marketer.


"Working with Cognition has been a great way of sense checking what we ‘thought’ we knew while also creating new and useful insight into the market we are going to enter."


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