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Email Marketing

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Since GDPR, Email Marketing has changed.

Gone are the days when you could buy cold data and send out mass emails. Since our formation more than 20 years ago, we have run thousands of email marketing campaigns and we have refined our approach to ensure maximum ROI.


To get the optimum commercial effect from your email marketing strategy, do two things:

  • Build your own database using content marketing strategies
  • Buy GDPR compliant data

Once you have the data in your CRM, you need a marketing automation and lead nurturing platform such as HubSpot. This ensures your email campaigns can be tracked and that reporting and analytics are delivered at every stage of the funnel. It also enables you to act on the behaviour of prospects in real time and adjust your campaigns accordingly. 


As far back as 2013, McKinsey reported that revenues from targeted segments increased by 20% when lifecycle events were used to trigger personalisation.

Email marketing automation will also interact with and augment other digital tactics such as SEO, Social Media and Re-marketing.

Crucially, every email you send must be simple in its structure where the subject line and content are aligned. Ideally there should be no more than two calls to action and these should vary depending on the target persona.

While effective in the right territories, email marketing is less useful in some international markets, especially in Asia. WeChat in China, Kakao Talk in South Korea and Line in Japan and Thailand are messaging apps that are preferred to email. It’s vital, therefore, as with all marketing, that the tactics you use take regional variations into account.



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