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Build and manage your website using an all-in-one platform designed for developers, marketers and customer experience specialists.

Why HubSpot CMS

Why HubSpot CMS?

CMS Hub is a cloud-based content management system that enables you to build and maintain complete control over your website performance. With customisable security sessions, 24/7 threat monitoring and flexible user permissions, it provides an agile and pain-free way to manage your business website.


For the marketers

HubSpot CMS eliminates wasted time and gives your ideas the platform they need to grow. Create search engine-optimised content with our built-in SEO recommendations, build personalised web pages for better customer experiences and use contact attribution reporting to analyse what types of content are driving the most leads – with or without the help of developers or technical experts.

Key Features for MArkerters

Key features for marketers

SEO recommendations

Easily see how you can improve your site and take action, all in one place with the SEO recommendations home screen.

Website theme

Use one of HubSpot's pre-built website themes with the option for custom development. Build a cohesive site without worrying about mismatched designs, logos, or navigations.

Multi-language content creation

Easily manage multiple language domains and optimize each one for SEO. Allow users to toggle between languages.

Key Features for Markerters 2

Drag-and-drop editor

Update and create pages without a developer's help or custom code. Publishing changes on the fly has never been easier.

Adaptive testing

Continuously optimise your website with ease. Choose up to five variations of a page, and HubSpot will monitor and serve up the best performing option.

Contact attribution reporting

Analyse the impact of your website and optimise your strategy by digging into which content types, sources, and campaigns are driving the most leads.


For the developers

HubSpot CMS is easy to use and modify for both marketers and developers. The drag-and-drop tools and simple UI takes the complexity of basic website builds. You can also empower your marketing team to take ownership of the website and make last-minute updates using flexible themes. If you ever get stuck, there is a thriving HubSpot developer community ready and willing to help you out. 

Key features for developers

Key features for developers

Local website development

Leverage tools like GitHub to handle version control, and make changes to web assets as you're ready.

Serverless functions

Add interactive elements like event registrations, guest books, and calculators, without configuring an external server, SSL certificate, or data transfer processes.

Website themes

Create a site-wide content editing experience that empowers your marketing team to manage and update the front-end. Start from scratch or leverage a pre-built theme as a starting point.

Key features for developers 2

Developer docs & community

Extensive documentation and an active developer community allows you to jump in right away, plus get answers and ideas when you need them.

Dynamic content with HubDB

Build data tables that can be updated to push global site updates for content that appears on multiple pages. Great for calendars, product catalogs, pricing data, and more.

Code alerts

Easily identify infrastructure or design bugs that could cause a page to fail, slow site speed, or a bad customer experience via errors in syntax, HubL, missing tags, etc.


For the managers

No more late night calls when your website goes down – no plugins means HubSpot takes care of everything. We want your business to be safe and secure at all times. That’s why we have a 24/7 security team and out-of-the-box features like enterprise-class web application firewall, SSL, custom CDN, SSO memberships, and more. With maintenance and securing taken care of you can get back to what matters: business growth.

Key features for managers

Key features for managers

24/7 security monitoring & threat detection

Our security team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your site with automated and manual checks for attacks, potential abuse, or other anomalies.

Content delivery network & custom CDN configuration

Your site remains active and visitors never experience downtime through our global CDN, built to handle high levels of traffic. A custom CDN configuration is also available in Enterprise edition.

Standard SSL certificate

Your site will be automatically provisioned with a standard SSL certificate to create greater trust between your brand and website visitors, and increase your Google ranking.

key features for managers 2

Activity logging & partitioning

Grant your team appropriate permissions and keep track of what changes were made and by whom, to monitor usage and make security adjustments accordingly.

Site performance monitoring

Track down reported errors or outages, as well as areas of your websites experiencing high traffic, slow speeds, and overall performance over time.

Reverse proxy support

Give your marketing teams the power to create and manage content, while continuing to load all content from a single, trusted domain hosted externally.



Easily integrate apps with CMS Hub without any of the headaches of plugin management or maintenance. Add even more power to your website and access countless CMS apps through the HubSpot App Marketplace. HubSpot also plays nicely with almost all other platforms and SAAS offerings, giving you a free runway to unlimited expansion and growth.

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