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Why HubSpot Technical Consulting?

Our experienced and accredited technical consultants can help you improve your systems, refine your tech stack and provide strategic and technical guidance for your most pressing business challenges. Whether you need us for a one-time project or long-term, we will help you achieve your objectives with the HubSpot platform. See below for the full range of our technical consulting services.

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Email Subscription Management

Do you struggle with email subscription management? Get bespoke training on GDPR-safe best practices, including email subscription settings, creating custom double opt-in processes and managing sending and opt out lists.



Operations Hub: DataSync

Do you need help planning and implementing Operations Hub Sync? Learn how to sync CRM objects from available platforms to HubSpot using Operations Hub and get guidance on establishing maintenance and troubleshooting plans.



Operations Hub: Programmable Automation

Do you need to decrease the time-to-value of Operations Hub Programmable Automation? Learn how to launch workflow-based processes using programmable automation tools. Get guidance on enabling processes such as data quality management and third party system integrations. 



Portal Merge and Consolidation Consulting

Consolidating brands or unifying your data? Our expert consultants can show you how to merge two HubSpot portals quickly and efficiently, including coaching on the specific processes needed to accomplish total and seamless asset migration.



Programmable Email

Struggling with email personalisation? Learn how to create impactful, personalised and dynamic marketing emails by programmable email using CRM object data or HubDB.



Reporting Customisation

Do you need help understanding your data, and how to leverage it to build reports in HubSpot? Receive guidance on how to build bespoke reports, as well as team training on dashboards and analytics tools.



Sales Tool Technical Deployment Consultation

Do you need help deploying HubSpot Sales Hub while keeping your security and IT policies in mind? Our technical consultants can provide you with guidance and recommendations on setting up HubSpot's O365 and Outlook sales tools for your IT team's ecosystem.



Salesforce Integration - Selective Sync Variation

Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce and HubSpot integration with bespoke coaching on how to set up and optimise Selective Sync. Learn how to identify required changes and receive assistance on optimising the inclusion of data in your sync.



Shopify Integration

Receive bespoke guidance and technical support on setting up and managing your HubSpot and Shopify integration. Get recommendations on how to set up automated workflow emails to re-engage customers who abandon their shopping carts.

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Website & App Analytics Tracking

Upgrade your digital offerings by learning how to track user behaviour across your websites, so that it can be leveraged in HubSpot for further segmentation, automation and personalisation.



Website & Email Design Training - Basic (for Marketers)

Do you struggle with using HubSpot’s website and email design tools? We can train your marketing team on how to effectively use CMS tools, design languages, as well as build quality web pages, landing pages and email templates within HubSpot.



Salesforce Integration

Learn how to optimise your Salesforce and HubSpot integration to better sync your HubSpot contacts, accounts and sales activities. Get guidance on how to align your sales and marketing activities for improved reporting and lead management. 



Accounting System Integration

We will show your development team how to integrate your current accounting system with Hubspot utilising HubSpot’s Accounting Bridge APIs. Achieve total integration and alignment between finance systems.



Advanced Bots & Conversations

Do you require guidance creating and launching a bot within HubSpot? Receive bespoke coaching on how to create advanced Chatflows powered by Bots and Conversations, as well as how to integrate external platforms into HubSpot’s bots tool.



CMS Data Driven Website & Serverless Function

Are you struggling with using data and serverless functions for your website? Learn how to deploy serverless functions to integrate data from other systems into your website or for using modern JS frameworks on HubSpot pages.



CMS HubSpot Design System Training (for Developers and Designers)

Train your digital designers and developers to confidently build engaging and impactful web pages and email templates with comprehensive training on HubSpot’s CMS tools, design languages and structure.



CMS Local Development Training

Does your team struggle to use HubSpot’s Local Development Tool? We can teach your digital designers and web developers how to set up a HubSpot development environment that will help them better understand templates, Modules and HubL, as well as how to optimise your development workflow.



CMS Multi-Language Site Consulting

Do you need to set up a multi-language site on HubSpot CMS? Get bespoke technical coaching on optimising your website for multi-language content, including guidance on HubSpot multi-language features and SEO best practices.



CMS Reverse Proxy Consulting

Receive guidance on how to implement a reverse proxy domain configuration with HubSpot’s CMS website tools. Learn how to host content from multiple systems on a single domain for SEO purposes.



Custom Ecommerce Integration

Does your development team need guidance on building a custom ecommerce integration with HubSpot? Get expert coaching on how to integrate your custom ecommerce platform with HubSpot to enjoy better segmentation, automation capabilities and enhanced reporting.



Custom Forms Integration

From discussing your team’s use cases to developing an integration map, we will teach your digital designers and web developers how to integrate a custom and HubSpot form, including guidance on API endpoints, data and analytics tracking.



Custom Objects – Advanced

Receive guidance on creating and associating a custom object in the HubSpot CRM to enable marketing, sales, or service processes. Train your technical team to configure native, iPaaS or custom integrations.



Data Warehouse System Integration

Receive expert coaching on how to  integrate your HubSpot portal with your data warehouse through a customer built integration utilising HubSpot’s APIs or a pre-built integration connector, according to current best practices.



Automation Process Consulting

Receive guidance on how to automate simple or complex business processes using HubSpot’s automation tool. Get coaching on how to build workflows using automation best practices and assistance in simplifying and restructuring current unoptimised automated processes.



Custom CRM or ERP Integration – Advanced

Learn how to build better processes for your sales and marketing teams by integrating the HubSpot platform with your custom ERP or CRM. Optimise HubSpot’s capacity to leverage your key data for better automation, segmentation, personalisation, reporting, scoring, and nurturing.



Custom Objects – Basic

Do HubSpot’s standard objects not fit your business’ data model? We can help you learn the basics of setting up HubSpot custom objects, including creating one HubSpot custom object that is defined, created and ready to be associated with relevant standard objects as required.

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