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The concept of Inbound Marketing is not new.

Despite the hype, it is simply a means of differentiating between marketing strategies that gain the prospect’s permission as opposed to interrupting their time with irrelevant marketing messages they have not asked for.

The Inbound Methodology

The tactics that can be grouped under Inbound are all digital such as SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, email marketing, messaging, events and ePR. The process for engaging prospects with Inbound tactics begins with segmenting prospects into groups or personas and identifying the problems your product or service can solve for them. With the core problems identified, content is generated to engage these prospects through their preferred channels and to track and react to their behaviour once they are engaged.

The right content for the right context


The commercial benefits of Inbound Marketing include:

  • Reduced marketing spend
  • Improved and accountable ROI
  • Reduction of operational pressure on your business
  • Optimisation of your marketing and sales funnel
The key to the success of this approach is your ability to create powerful and relevant content at every stage of the funnel and to build contextual landing pages whose structure and content vary depending on how your prospect arrives at your site. This ensures you get higher conversions with the traffic you draw to your website.
Finally, Inbound Marketing methods make psychological sense: prospects are far more likely to buy when they feel in control of the journey.

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