Route to Growth

We have been developing and refining Route To Growth for nearly 20 years. It is now tried, tested and proven to deliver profitable, sustainable growth in multiple sectors. Route To Growth is effective because it creates an evidence-base for tactical marketing decisions, identifies the specific needs of customers and delivers flexible, timely and relevant marketing messages, which can be reviewed and refined in real time.

Cognition Strategic Marketing Agency - Our Route to Growth Process
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Businesses that use our Route To Growth achieve 42% higher growth and ROI

We are one of the only marketing agencies in the UK to have a dedicated Research, Data and Analytics Department. This allows us to gather and utilise marketing data for our clients. The result make's them as effective as the world’s biggest companies at a fraction of the cost.

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Route to Growth

The Route to Growth Process

The Define stage of the process uses insight to clearly identify your opportunities so that we can go to market with a laser focus on your ideal audience.

  • Strategic Marketing Review
  • Data & Market Intelligence
  • Brand Platform
  • Marketing Strategy
Cognition - Strategic Marketing Agency
Cognition - Marketing Strategy Agency

Strategic Marketing Review

We run interactive sessions to understand your goals and conduct research to benchmark you against your competitors, looking at brand and marketing as well as analysing share of voice and authority within the industry. We then identify who is outperforming the sector, why they’re successful and what lessons you can learn to spring ahead.

Cognition - Marketing Strategy Experts

Data & Market Intelligence

Effective marketing is all about precision. We analyse your market, including industry trends and competitor financials. We identify your key ratios, ideal customer and universe of prospects based on purchasing behaviour and location. This ensures we target the right people with the right message – so you see the best results from your investment.

Cognition - Marketing Strategy Agency

Brand Platform

A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what customers tell each other it is. Taking the information from the interactive sessions and our research, we determine how to ensure your offer resonates with customers. The brand platform covers your proposition, visual identity, brand values, key messages and tone of voice.

Marketing Strategy from Cognition

Marketing Strategy

We produce an integrated marketing plan (underpinned by the marketing funnel) to deliver your desired outcome. The recommendations include a mixture of short-term lead generation activity as well as longer-term tactics that will build the necessary marketing infrastructure to create a pipeline of qualified enquiries and increase customer loyalty.

Once we’ve defined how you should communicate and what activity you should undertake, we create the platform you need to go to market. 

  • Website
  • Channels
  • Content
  • Hubspot
  • Data
  • Collateral
Cognition - Strategic Marketing Agency - Route to Growth Strategy
Cognition - The Marketing Strategy Experts

Website & Automation

We deliver your website with the structure, design, messaging and user experience to communicate your proposition effectively, reach potential customers with the right information and rank highly on search engines. We will also integrate the latest personalisation and automation features so you’re able to communicate with visitors in a more targeted, cost-effective way.

Marketing Strategy Agency - Cognition

Content & Collateral

From case studies and e-guides to business cards and letterhead, we develop everything you need to make an immediate, compelling impact on your target audiences. Our content and collateral recommendations are based on insight into to your customers’ purchasing behaviour and discussions about what support will make it easier for your sales and marketing teams to do their jobs effectively.

We deliver your strategy, with activity covering the 4 key stages required to fill your pipeline, convert opportunities and retain customers.

  • Awareness & Authority
  • Demand & Lead Gen
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Nurturing
Awareness & Authority - Part of our Marketing Strategy

Awareness & Authority

Winning additional revenue starts with an awareness of your company and it’s offering – and a perception that you’re an industry authority. Psychological research has shown authority to be a key influence on human behaviour, and therefore purchasing decisions. We achieve this awareness and authority through visibility online, in social media, in the media and at events.

Cognition - Marketing Strategy Experts

Demand & Lead Generation

We target prospective customers to generate demand and leads, so you have a healthy pipeline over the short, medium and long term. Our multi-channel approach covers everything from inbound, social and PR to account-based marketing and SEO. We cover multiple touchpoints to attract customers and nurture them seamlessly through the buying process.

Cognition  - Marketing Strategy Agency

Sales Support

To put it simply, we make your sales team’s life easier. Our marketing strategy doesn’t just fill the funnel, it puts structures in place to qualify prospects so your salespeople can focus on what they do best – closing deals with interested, relevant prospects. As a result, you’ll see better value deals, shorter sales cycles and a lower cost of acquisition.

Cognition  - Marketing Strategy Agency

Customer Nurturing

Research from Gartner found that, on average, 80% of a business’ future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. We will put structures in place to cross- and up-sell to customers, as well as to keep you front of mind more generally to strengthen the relationship and increase the likelihood of future purchases. This will also fuel referrals.

Everything Cognition does is based on evidence, and there’s no end to the process of collecting and analysing that evidence


All tactical work is therefore subjected to the following process: Measure (what have we achieved), Review (how does this fit with the expected outcome?), Refine (how can it be improved?). As a result, your investment is focused on the activity that delivers the best outcome in accordance with your goals.

Cognition  - Strategic Marketing Agency

Cognition Marketing Index

We measure and benchmark all activity using the Cognition Marketing Index. We review your marketing strategy in detail every 3 months, using the results to inform your strategy for the following 3-month period.

Annual Benchmarking & Market Insight

Every 12 months we repeat the Strategic Marketing Review and Data & Market Intelligence phases of the Route to Growth. This ensures you’re taking advantage of all new opportunities as your market evolves.

The Route to Growth is a series of processes underpinning effective marketing. First we understand the exact marketing challenges your business faces; then we build an evidence-based foundation and marketing strategy to enable you to address them.

The Route to Growth is so successful because it eliminates guesswork and assumption, instead basing all marketing activity on data and insight.


Cognitions Route to Growth Process

Case Study: Elisa

Elisa Live is a division of Elisa, a large Finnish telecoms corporation that develop and build wireless IP cameras. Elisa contacted Cognition because their sales volumes were low, their sales and marketing strategy was non-existent and they had no idea how to approach the UK market.

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Elisa Case Study - Marketing Strategy Example

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