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Sales funnel optimisation

Boost your online sales by transforming your digital sales funnel. Beginning at the top of the funnel where prospects are beginning to engage with your brand through to the bottom of the funnel where the deal is closed, we track the performance of every aspect of your sales funnel. The end-point of our consultancy is a series of recommendations to optimise sales performance when selling into digitised markets.



Customer relationship management platforms are essential for long-term sales success, but an under-optimised one will offer little to no benefit. Our data experts can help you refine and organise your CRM data, create a uniform system for data entry, and unify your marketing and sales data for more effective sales pushes and marketing campaigns. The end result will be a powerful, self-sufficient system that will push your sales performance to new levels.


Sales mapping

Mapping your sales process allows you to uncover potential challenges and inefficiencies, gain insight into successful activities, and improve the performance of your sales team in line with your business strategy. With the help of our sales experts we will show you how to analyse and simplify your end-to-end sales process, learn more about your target customers and get the most out of your first-party data.


“We were drawn to Cognition because of their experience of marketing technology on a global scale. They launched a number of companies for us and they were successful both in generating inward investment and in promoting these companies on the global stage.”



Sales psychology training

An understanding of basic psychology plays a crucial part in the sales and negotiation process. Without an understanding of the psychological triggers, cognitive biases and emotional stressors that dictate whether a deal will close or not, we are leaving the performance of our sales team up to chance. Our sales psychology training, led by an acclaimed doctor of psychology, will teach you the skills you need to thrive in a high-pressure commercial environment.


Sales training workshops

Learn the principles, strategies and tactics that create and maintain high performance sales leaders and sales teams. Discover the simple processes and motivational techniques that can turn a low performer into your star salesperson. Understand the role technology plays in the modern sales journey and learn how to use data to swing negotiations and solve customer problems. In-person and virtual sales training workshops are available.

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