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Data & Analytics

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We risk being overwhelmed by data without knowing how to make use of it.

While many businesses rely on Google Analytics to deliver digital marketing data, platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo deliver everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads and report on the effectiveness of the tactics you are using.

This is crucial because the success of your marketing depends on getting feedback from the market and acting on it. However, it’s important to ensure you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by data. That may give you the illusion of control while, in reality, simply inhibiting effective action.

Janneke Van Geuns, Google’s Head of Insights, said that the “biggest misconception is the perceived need to capture anything and everything. A common belief is that if you capture every type of metric, it will tell you magically what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately that is not how we get to insights.” 

This view was supported by the marketing analyst Lars Lofgren who said that “More data is always a good thing, right? More data means more information and more accurate decisions. More data means we’ll be able to build our business faster. Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.”

Of the endless stream of data and analysis available to you from multiple sources including Google Analytics, focus on a few key drivers of your core objectives such as conversion, content and SEO performance, social media engagement analysis, paid search and paid social performance, competitor analysis and the performance of your website across devices.



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