69% increase in traffic in 6 months



From my first conversation with Cognition I positioned them at the forefront of their sector because not only were they prepared to be measured against return on investment and added value they raised the issue from the start. In my experience their competitors run a mile from hard targets. This is their USP and they have demonstrated all of the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to support it."
Mark Banton, Managing Director, Parry Group Ltd


Parry Group is a specialist supplier of commercial catering and clinical equipment.

Cognition was tasked with assisting Parry in achieving their strategic business objectives. These included:

  • Increase turnover by 58% within 24 months
  • Develop the brand and proposition
  • Increase awareness of Parry Group outside of the existing customer base
  • Reposition Parry Group as a high quality, reliable and creative provider of stainless steel products and bespoke fabrication
  • Increase the export market
  • Help reposition the brand externally and internally


  • 69% Increase in web traffic in 6 months
  • 9x more organic traffic over 9 months (April – Dec)
  • 384 quote completions in first 6 months
  • Blog engagement over first 3 months converted contacts at an average of 46%
  • Contact to customer conversion rate increased by 400% over last 6 months (Jul – Dec 2016)
  • Direct traffic increased to 66% of overall traffic in 7 months
  • High level of customer engagement contributing to customer retention figures
  • CTA click-through-rate promoting bottom of the funnel actions are performing over average at 7.1% (industry benchmark is 2%)