Course | Harnessing the Power of Digital Thinking

Course | Harnessing the Power of Digital Thinking

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Digital Thinking is the only course of its kind available. 

Run by Dr. Peter Hughes, psychologist and co-founder of one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies.

You will learn the power of Digital Thinking and how it can transform the results you get from your marketing tactics.

You will learn:

  • The five psychological behaviours that make digital marketing strategies work
  • How to do less research and get better results
  • How to get rid of most of the data you think is useful
  • Why plans must always be abandoned
  • The optimal way to combine digital marketing tactics to best effect
  • How to decide which marketing technology to use

Cognition Training  is at the forefront in helping mid-market business and global corporations, rationalise their marketing strategies.

Based on our industry-leading blend of marketing, psychology and technology, our courses and workshops have been held in the UK, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia with one core aim: to foster effective digital thinking and the many commercial benefits it delivers.



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Our blend of digital marketing, psychology and technology, is delivering tangible value to SMEs and global corporations in territories as diverse as the UK, Europe, the Americas, Russia & Asia.

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