Course | How to Train Your Brain to Manage Data

Course | How to Train Your Brain to Manage Data

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Janneke Van Geuns, Google’s Head of Insights, sums up what this course is about: “the biggest misconception is the perceived need to capture anything and everything. A common belief is that if you capture every type of metric, it will tell you magically what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately that is not how we get to insights.”

Run by Dr. Peter Hughes, psychologist and co-founder of one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies.

This course is designed for Marketing Managers and Company Directors who want to know how much data is enough.

You will learn:

  • Why your brain gets addicted to too much data
  • The importance of setting data limits
  • When data leads to inertia and poor marketing decision making
  • How to use data to drive action
  • The five key analytics you need to build an effective Digital Marketing strategy
  • The psychology of managing data and choosing the right metrics

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Based on our industry-leading blend of marketing, psychology and technology, our courses and workshops have been held in the UK, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia with one core aim: to foster effective digital thinking and the many commercial benefits it delivers.



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