How can branding build a foundation for growth?

Branding has a staggering 286% more impact on bottom line profit than operational efficiency, This means that to grow your business you need to have the right brand in place. You may have many competitors, but there’s a reason why customers choose to do business with you.

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How can Branding Build a Foundation for Growth?

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Many branding experts spend a lot of time pontificating over the wonders of branding. However, this approach does nothing but confuse and complicate what’s actually a very natural and logical aspect of commercial marketing.

In this article we explore the key aspects of brand identity and why it’s so integral to business growth, as well as dispels some common myths. Are brand communities the future of online business? Through social media techology brands have unprecedented acess to their customers, how will that effect marketing commincations today? We have words in many different orders and structres in our ebook!

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