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Scientifically proven, strategic advice to drive commercial success for every type and size of organisation.

Cognition Consultancy is a network of world-leading brand strategists, psychologists, neuroscientists, mathematicians and data scientists with experience in multiple regional and global markets.

With over 300 peer-reviewed papers, more than 20 published books and multiple successful commercial engagements, our knowledge, expertise and scientific rigour improves every organisation we deal with.

Our mission is to provide business with scientifically proven, strategic advice, using marketing psychology to enable them to achieve their commercial goals efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our Consultancy Services

Fast, effective and agile, our team can support you with:

Brand Strategy

Brand value is dependent not only on positioning, messaging and creative execution, but also on stakeholder behaviour. Our brand strategists and scientists will work with you to enhance the behavioural as well as the messaging and aesthetic elements of your brand, so you can boost your customer engagement, sales and revenue.

Marketing Strategy

Our scientists have developed the ‘Cognition Brain’, a scientifically and psychologically robust model that uses your data to create a through-funnel marketing strategy that engages prospects across multiple channels. As we start with a target sales figure, and use this target to select effective tactics, you can be sure that our strategy will contribute to your commercial goals.

Sales Strategy

We’ve developed sales strategies for over 2,000 salespeople in businesses across a range of industries and geographical locations, from the Balearics to Bahrain. Using our unrivalled insight into buyer psychology and marketing technology, we can help you to create a new sales strategy or enhance your existing strategy.

Business Pivot Strategy

As the environment around your business is constantly changing, whether due to unpredictable events like Covid-19, changes in customer behaviour or competitor activity, regularly reviewing and adjusting your business strategy is necessary to remain competitive. We can help you to develop a pivot strategy that will enable you to retain a strong position in your market.

Customer Experience

Our deep expertise in decision science makes Cognition the ideal partner when you’re looking to improve your CX strategy. We can help you to maximise the value your customers receive from every engagement with your business due to our unique understanding of the psychology behind customer behaviour and our extensive experience in developing customer experience marketing strategies.

Understanding Buyer Behaviour

Your buyers don’t make decisions based on reason - their decisions are affected by more than 300 cognitive biases and heuristics. Our psychologists, neuroscientists and data scientists have a deep understanding of these biases and can help you to learn how to appeal to them in order to optimise your audience segmentation and grow your customer base.

Improving Customer Culture

Your organisation’s culture and values are fundamental to your commercial success. 
So when you need to make cultural changes, develop your existing values or bring in new ones, our team takes a practical, data-driven approach. This way we can ensure everyone in your team is heard and that our strategy for enacting change will be truly effective across your organisation.

Product Testing and Design

If you’re looking to test the viability of a new or existing product, our researchers can provide you with robust data on the ideal design, packaging and promotion, as well as insight into potential demand and audience preferences. You can use this information to increase audience engagement and your return on investment.

Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain

As the internet continues to evolve, future-focused businesses need to have a strategy for trading their products and services in an immersive environment in which we move online as we do in the real world. As a Web3 agency, we can help you to seize the opportunities the metaverse presents, creating a digital transformation strategy for your business and monetising your products and services as new developments (like NFTs and blockchain) emerge.

Sustainability and Diversity

Sustainability and diversity is a key concern for companies across the globe, and we’re here to help you to create clear, effective strategies to embrace environmental sustainability and diversity at every organisational level. Our strategists will work with you to foster a culture of continuous improvement by engaging diverse voices and championing sustainability.

Our Scientific Board

Our scientists, researchers and consultants are world-leaders in their fields. Members of the Scientific Board have published a combined total of more than 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and authored, co-authored and edited numerous books in a variety of disciplines, including Organisational Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Sales Training

Train your sales teams and sales leaders to maximise their potential. This training is tailored to your business and includes day-to-day functions, processes, and best practices to ensure sales teams are offering a continued and frictionless experience for their prospects and customers.

Some of our clients

We have conducted research, consultancy and implementation programmes in more than 30 countries on every continent. Our clients include:

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