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Our blend of marketing technology and psychology means we understand your buyers, how to engage with them and the services you need to make your marketing work.


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Inbound Marketing

Despite the hype, it is simply a means of differentiating between marketing strategies that gain the prospect’s permission as opposed to interrupting their time with irrelevant marketing messages they have not asked for.



As one of the UK’s biggest Diamond HubSpot Partners, one of a handful of accredited HubSpot Training Agencies and an EMEA Growth Partner, we have deployed our expertise in HubSpot in multiple international territories from Asia to Latin America.


Email Marketing

Gone are the days when you could buy cold data and send out mass emails. Since our formation more than 20 years ago, we have run thousands of email marketing campaigns and we have refined our approach to ensure maximum ROI.


Digital Marketing

The Cognition definition of digital marketing is pragmatic: Digital Marketing is knowing how to create extraordinary brand experiences through the tactical use of digital technologies and channels.


Content Marketing

While the transition from push to pull marketing, from expensive advertising to accountable content strategies is now irreversible, many businesses either create too much content, fail to segment the content strategies they develop or optimise the channels they use.


Branding & Creative

Since 1998, Cognition has specialised in branding and high quality, award-winning creative.

social media

Social Media Marketing

The key to effective social media campaigns is to focus on the platforms that generate the best results


Public Relations

PR is now, in large part, a digital discipline. Gone are the days when a PR professional will craft a press release, issue it en masse and await clippings to arrive in the post from news and trade outlets.

web design

Web Design and Development

We have been building websites for more than 20 years and while the tactics and technology have advanced, the basic function of any website, to engage visitors, has not changed.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The purpose of your website is to create demand for your products and services. Effective SEO will make your website visible to the right audiences in the right way.


Pay Per Click (PPC or Google Ads)

Where SEO is the organic or unpaid element of your demand generation strategy, PPC is the paid element.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Once you have designed, built, optimised and promoted your website, you need to convert the prospects who visit it.



From launching Qlik (now one of the biggest BI companies in the world) in the UK and launching new brands for AON to digital marketing events in Asia, Latin America and Russia, our ability to create and market exceptional events is well proven.


Data and Analytics

We risk being overwhelmed by data without knowing how to make use of it.

"Cognition really impressed us with their multi channel approach and their in depth knowledge across all areas. They have a strong focus on reporting, and are willing to be accountable for both the marketing results and our Experience business objectives. They also have a strong and pragmatic approach to marketing planning."




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