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    Every senior leader with an interest in DEI and ESG is familiar with the benefits of B Corp.

    As well as doing right by people and planet, B Corp certification has many commercial advantages. Improved recruitment and retention, increased customer loyalty, higher levels of innovation, stronger brand awareness - the list goes on.

    But the process is tough. Rigorous B Corp assessments scrutinise your entire operation, verifying every element of your social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

    At Cognition, we help you de-risk this process.

    We ensure you have the right foundations in place to maximise your chances of securing B Corp. In doing so, we ease the pressure on your teams and enable you to secure B Corp buy-in across your business.

    Specifically, we help you: 

    Define the right company values

    Showcase your social and environmental credentials.

    Refine your messaging

    Convey your commitment to DEI and ESG priorities.

    Optimise your website

    Meet the very latest accessibility standards.

    Embed your values

    Ensure you live and breathe B Corp long after certification.


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    Supporting Tilda 
with B Corp activation

    Read how we helped a global food giant embed B Corp values throughout their organisation.

    “Becoming B Corp ready starts by looking at your culture and organisational values.”

    Cognition Founder and psychologist, Dr. Peter Hughes shares some key considerations for brands embarking
    on their B Corp journey.